Ellie hosts a family reunion for here closest most beloved family members thats MOXXI (her mum), SCOOTER (her brother), and her other siblings she has like 3 others (a sister that scooters named after(idea)scootetra-just call her scoot) and maby a few nicer cousins and aunts and uncles who abandened the hodunks.(for the sake of this idea some hodunks survived the finel fight with the zafords) then at the carnivel that ellies hosting the reunion at the hodunks decide to crash it so u (a geust invited by ellie) have to kick out those no good inbread red kneck ass h****.


Hodunk Grunt- basic hodunk infentry armed mostly with pistals, SMGs and assoult rifles.

Hodunk Brute- strong hodunk brutes who are armed with 2 assoult rifles.

Hodunk Enforcer- armored hodunks armed with rocket launchers and shot guns.

Hodunk Brawler- larger hodunks armed with knuckle dusters that he pummels enemies to death.

Hodunk Trapper- crazed hodunks who leave bear traps on the battle feild but use buzz axes in mealay combat.

Hodunk Tracker- midget hodunks armed with shotguns.

Big Boy Hodunk- large deformed hodunks borne from inbreading, thay are hideouse and stupid doing anything to please there abusive mothers, if there mother is killed thay go into a beserk rage.

Hodunk Mommas- the hodunk mother is a cazy red kneck woman armed with an assoult rifle and accompaneyed by he BIG BOY, who will beserk rage if she is killed, and if he is klled she goes on a grenade throwing rage.

Hodunk Papas- crippled old men who sit on the shoulders of a enforcer whalst the brute is shooting he is throwing grenades, if he is killed the enforcer gose beserk. (not all enforcers have a papa on there shoulders and there classed as a badass)

BADASS HODUNK- these are powerful hodunk warriors with speciel elemental powers. (PYRO, SHOCKER, TOXIC, SLAGGER)

Cara-Van- hodunk Cara-Vans are powerful armoured vehicles armed with 4 hodunks fireing from the inside.

Hodunk Racer- fast racer cars driven by hodunks armed with front mounted machine guns.

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