so in this DLC idea MAYA'S MYSTIC PEAKE TOP MONK MADNESS the order of the inpending storm have shown up on pandora to forcfuly capture maya and use the same coller handsome jack had to MAKE her serve there couse so thay can regane controle over athena but decide to take over pandora insted and built a large temple on pandoras highest peake fight ur way through monks (YES MONKS LOL) to reach maya and free her from there controle.


Monk Warrior- warrior monks armed with a powerful staff who are the basic infentry of the order of the impending storm.

Monk Sharman- sharman monks can create a sheild that reflects bullets around themselves and any monk in the shelf are protected as well.

Mystic Monk- monk warriors who can clouk themselves to turn invisible so they can sneak up on there foes.

Monk Gaurdien- specialy traind monks who can release an energy blast from there staff and are equped with powerful sheilds.

Monk Elder the oldest of the monks who can buff other monks and debuff the player but are weak and often avoide combat.

Infernal Monk- monks with the power of fire can burn there enemies.

Storm Monk- monks with the power of shock can electrify enemies.

Toxic Monk- monks with the power of corrosive can corode enemies.

Monk Hunter- monks with the power of slag can slag there enemies.

Brawler- large brutish beasts that walk around in a gorrilla like fation, by balanceing there waght on there knuckles these beasts are normely placid but will fight with attacked.

Enslaved Brawler- these are brawlers being used as mounts by elder monks and used as beasts of burden.


Brother Harker- one a member of the order of the impending storm now a rouge who has seen the error of his ways and is now fighting to free maya which makes the vault hunters allies.

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