hayyyyyy this idea was thought up only becouse 4DLCs have bean made and we still havent BLOWN UP THAT GOD DAMNED MOON BASS so i propose thay make a DLC where u go to the moon bass fight through hords of hyperion personel and maby a few slag experiments i mean insane mutants breaking out of there cells and attacking every one in sight would be AWSOME like humanoid freaks with slag powers and like six tentacles protruding from there back. and  i think Mr.Blake that dude from claptraps new robot revolution might want to take over hyperion and make a deal with ya u blow up the moon bass he gets to take over hyperion and u get like 3 minuts to raid the moon basses armorey before u gotta take the escape pod and get the F**** OUTTA THERE!!!!! i would like to meat that scientist chick from the slag experiment echos that u heard in the animel exploitation reserve. and i know im not alone on that idea on blowing the moon bass to hell if ur reading this gear box dont be a tease uve bean hanging that damn thing in are face the whole game teasing us with the idea of super detonation hell burning inferno that we get to watch light up a beutifel pandoren night sky.


OLD ENEMIES: HYPERION ENGANER, HYPERION BATTLE ENGENER, HYPERION HAWK, HYPERION INFELTRATER, HYPERION SNIPER, CONSTRUCTER, SURVAYER, TURRET and All LOUDER types seen previosly in main campain. THER ARE ALSO Skags, Threshers, Stalkers, Varkids, Bullymongs,Spiderants and Rakk being experimented on abourd the moon bass.


Hyperion Scientist- scientists aboured the moon bass have armed themselves in an effert to survive the vault hunters and various mutants loose in the moon bass.

MUTANTS: large beasts created by handsom jacks slag experiments, these humans turned beasts are emune to slag damage and have slag powers which thay use to weaken the victims.

Slag Beast- large beastiel mutant humans that have slag coverd claws.

Slag Puker- mutan humans that run at enemies and thre main attack is vomiting slag on them.

Trog- midget mutants that sneak around the battle feild.

Octoslag- large mutants with six slag coverd tentacles growing from its back.

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