hay everyone I have been looking into the videos and gameplays of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! after alot of searching and reading I have found a number of enemies native to Elpis. The list of enemies are listed in cataories so that you know who is most likely in the same team/group of enemy type. this is a work in progress and it WILL change whenever I learn more about the game.


  • Scav
  • Lunatic
  • Lil' Scav
  • OutLaw
  • Stolen DAHL Jet Fighter
  • Raider
  • Beast Rider (-Scavenger Beast-)
  • "Borrowed" Laser Turret
  • Darksider
  • Laser Moon Buggie
  • Suicide Lunatic
  • lil' Outlaw



  • Kraggon Pebbele
  • Kraggon Fuse
  • Kraggon Snowball
  • Kraggon
  • Kraggon Boulder
  • Kraggon Immolater
  • Kraggon Erupter
  • Kraggon Hailstone
  • Kraggon Avalanch
  • Badass Kraggon


  • Shugurath
  • Shugurath of Ice
  • Energized Shugurath
  • Badass Shugurath


  • Rathyd
  • Brutal Rathyd
  • Blow Fly
  • Freezing Rathyd
  • Altha Rathyd
  • Stinging Rathyd
  • Badass Rathyd


  • Tork Swarmling
  • Tork
  • Tork Spitter
  • Tork Dredger
  • Tork Reaver
  • Tork Queen
  • Tork Basilisk

Lost Legion

  • Lost Legion Eternal
  • Lost Legion Marine
  • Lost Legion Medic
  • Lost Legion Enganeer
  • Lost Legion Frighter Crew
  • Lost Legion Frighter
  • Lost Legion Scout
  • Badass Lost Legion Marine

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