Hay folks just wanted to ask what sort of theme u would like for possible future Head Hunter packs?

the rules of this Blog are

1) pick a holiday that can be incorperated into a level (write the idea and a routh layout of the level)

2) An appropriate Boss for the level

3)what enemies would be in the DLC

4) some holiday theimed weapons and sheilds (if ya want)

5)what is the head that you win at the end??

my idea is a St.Patrick's Day one called LUCKY'S DRUNKEN 4 LEAFE CLOVER MEMORIAL and it involves sorting out a feud between the Zaford clan and Leprachauns. yes LEPRACHAUNS! i want to fight a BadAss Leprachaun.

the idea would be that the Zafords are haveing a large, drunken memorial in the name of Lucky but a small bunch steel the leprechaun's Pot of Gold makeing bloodshed accur, the feud must be stoped by defeating the Leprechaun king.

the level consists on a large irish themed pub surrounded by a large grassy feild with a large leprechaun kingdom underneath it.

you get the pistal called the PaddyWacker, that makes enemies drop money with each critical hit and they drop triple the cash when they die.

for the head you get a green leprechaun hat with a 4 leaf clover init and a red, curly leprechaun beard.

well let me know.

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