So just to start I have to point out these are only my personal ideas that I am sharing with the community I would like you're opinions on weather u think they are good ideas or bad or if they can be improved to work better in the Borderlands world (keep in mind this is in the sense that they make BL3 ) and heck if u got an idea for an element and its effects write it in I'd like to hear it remember no ones ideas are wrong or bad they might not work initially but that can be changed so it does work.


so first idea is frost this element can be used to freeze enemies in a verity of amusing ways.

initial frost damage can slow down enemies by engulfing them in a cold frosty aura but sustained damage could freeze them completely in ice (they can break free of the ice after a moment or they are broken loose by damage impact).

(enemies cannot use this next part against u)

if u freeze a limb such as an arm or a leg they cannot use said limb and u may then proceed to shoot the limb off (so u could in hindsight gib you're enemies).


so this one appears as a dark green, gaseous cloud with flies buzzing within and is basically disease.

Plague can be spread by contact between enemies and lowers there accuracy by half making it harder to shoot there target.


this element releases a burst gust of wind that can amplify bullet speed and blow enemies away creating knock back damage. this element is good for clearing a space if in need of a hasty escape root.

sustained damage can trap an enemy in a small tornado that then moves around for up to 7 seconds dragging in anyone caught in its path until it dissipates.


A flash of bright light erupts on inpact with the bullet blinding an enemy for a few seconds (special death an enemies eyes and mouth will exlode in light then drop dead), also this will allow for flash grenades.

so what u guys think any ideas/thoughts I would like to know thanx. (I ONLY ECCEPT CONSTRUCTICE CRITASISM!)

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