These are ideas of creatures i personaly would of like to see in dragon keap

keap in mind that i know the DLC has come out this is mearly things i thought could have made it a bit better.


they could of taken the midgets and replaced them with HALFLINGS so there be short people with hairy feet that attack u but like with clubs and throwing rocks could give them like a borderlands parody of a shire and they can spawn from halfling holes.


large and beastiel trolls are comman in myth and often hide under bridges i think a group of big burly trolls leaping around eating travelers would be kinda cool too bad they didnt stick them in.


this would have bean fun large wing terrors who perch at gates and maby get sent by the handsome magician to get the vault hunters.


ogres are brutish and violant man eaters i think these beasts could have made for a good challenge serving under the handsome magician.


big wolf like creatures that attack in packs could serve the handsome sorcerer as attack hounds except like more intelegent.


craggy diminutive little beasts that live in small camps and attack travelers who wander to close there terretory.


elves could be tall natives of the eternel woods but once u lead the handsome sorcerer to the tree they blame u for its fall and will attack u. i was thinking there overall design could be thiemed on Zer0 giving them his decepti0n skill.


seeing as it was suppoused to be a fantasy version of the real story i was gutted to find it didnt realy hold alot of the key points that i think could of bean implamented into it.


could of taken the role of a witch in the bourd game that is an ally she could live in like a swampy marsh land alone ( parralel to her liveing in frostburn canyon and being a siran).


could have bean the king of an orc facton that has a problem with the handsome sorcerer giveing u orc allies to attack the keap.


he could have bean an wood elf liveing deep in the forrest and allies with the vault hunters.

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