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So as many community members have advised me to do regarding my issue with the location article images, I am making this blog to suggest a change and improvement. I'm going to keep it very simple, I was dissatisfied about the quality of the infobox images that were being used for the Borderlands locations, this being either a map or a crappy screenshot. I am happy to learn that KillarDeez is at least putting some effort in making some good quality maps, but I am still not fully on board of this way of showing the area, I think that the loading screens, the ones that show the area the best imo, are a necessity on location articles and in the infobox.

But it seems that the map images are here to stay, so I'm suggesting a different approach, as told to me by Dr. F. Just having both images in the infobox. I would show you how it would look like practically here, but I can't since what I have in mind, would require some additional templates and JS. So I made it on my test Wiki. So basically, this is what I would propose to change the location article infoboxes into. Yay or nay?

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