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August 25, 2012
  • BigBrother1984

    Just over on Gamefaqs and saw these posted by WretchedOwl on a Borderlands 2 board. I did not make these, nor did the guy who posted them, just spreading the word. SMG Launcher Sniper Shotgun Pistol AR


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  • BigBrother1984

    With the addition of the level cap and the ability to build down further into your skill trees, would anybody like to see some new Class Mods that take advantage of that ? There have not been new class Mods since the base game and I think some new ones could breath new life into certain builds. Your thoughts?

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  • BigBrother1984

    I'm done!

    February 10, 2013 by BigBrother1984

    An article from

    There is no doubt about it: the Borderlands 2 community wants a level cap increase, and they want it now. Unfortunately for them, this will most likely not be included in any future Borderlands 2 updates and for very good reasons. Lots of DLC expansions have come along recently for Borderlands 2, but nothing that granted the most wished for addition of avid Borderlands 2 players out there: a decent level cap increase. Sadly, Gearbox stated that this increase will not possible with the current game engine, and would most certainly break the entire game if implemented now. Though this has worked in their much simpler game, Borderlands 1 (its DLC had bumped the max level from 50 up to 69), but much has changed from…

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  • BigBrother1984

    I'm gettin bored!

    February 9, 2013 by BigBrother1984

    Seriously, all this unnecessary gameplay for weapons that aren't as good as what I have is startin to get boring and truly pissin me off. None of it is fun and the writing is no longer funny.  Any news on when the level cap is being pushed? If it doesn't drop with the next season pass DLC I may have to stop playing out of frustration.

    How bout everyone else?

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  • BigBrother1984

    Salvador has a total of 33 skills with 8 gamechangers

    Axton has a total of 32 skills with 8 gamechangers

    Maya has a total of 30 skills with 6 gamechangers

    Zero has a total of 30 skills with 6 gamechangers

    Does this mean the bonuses from Zero and Maya's skills will be larger to accomodate having less all together? This doesn't seem to be a case of the wiki not having all the info as everything checks out with all the sources available. So what gives? Is it all complicated math that my pea-brain would not understand or is there a simpler answer?

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