• Bioniclezilla76

    Though it hasn't been announced yet, it is pretty obvious it will come. Prequel, spinoff, sequel, who knows, who cares. Here are my hopes for the next installment of the franchise!

    To start off this list, I hope there are more areas like the acoustic caverns or whatever you call them. They had ssoooooooooooooooooo many enemies it was over whelming sometimes. But usually very fun and entertaining. But it could be very frustrating. That is why it is only my first.

    I want a new element! Slag was a nice addition. To me, I think it should be ice. Freezing your enemies! I'm mean come on.

    Way more vault hunters. Non dlc.

    This is the second most important to me. I didn't like the high tech and lively atmosphere of rather second one. I prefer the origiā€¦

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