• BlackLight88088

    Hey everyone, welcome to the page!

    So, this build is a fairly balanced build that I've been using for a little while now. I originally wanted to do a shock build, and it eventually turned into this.

    As you can see, the build centers around Deathtrap and shock damage. Its also fairly tanky, too. As a result, you can do fairly well at nearly any distance.

    So, lets get into the details.


    Little Big Trouble

    More Pep - 0/5 - See below. You could put a point into this if you had a class mod that boosted it, but its a lesser option apart from that.

    Myelin - 5/5 - Basically, More Pep is awful. It doesn't provide nearly enough benefits to make it a decent option. Myelin give you a little more shield and less of a crippling weakness to electricity.


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