• Bladewinder

    The Level 50 Bullet Storm

    Yes I know this build is not the Gunpowder build that is all the rage now. I know ARs are among the worst weapons in game but I won't let their subpar performance stop me from completing TVHM and 2.5 with them.

    With that out of the way, I will get to the main meat of the guide. The gist of the build is simple, to lay down as much firepower as in the shortest possible amount of time when the turret is up with kill skills.

    After the first kill, kill skills will ramp up the DPS significantly. Turret has to be in double up, so as to allow you to apply even more DPS without you having to switch over to a Slag weapon.

    The build sacrifices survivability for more damage. Even then when caught in the Fight for your life scenar…

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