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    Grinder Page TODO

    October 18, 2014 by BoredDan

    This is an ongoing TODO list of things to test and add to the Grinder page.

    • What determine output level for recipes
      • Legendary Recipe
      • Purple Re-Roll Recipe
      • 3 of a Kind Recipe
      • 3 Different Recipe
      • 2+1 Recipe
      • Weapon Recipes
    • Does legendary recipe work for non weapons?
      • Maybe for class mods though?
    • Does conversion recipes work on purples and oranges?
    • What are the maximum level differences for items
      • Is it recipe dependant?
      • Does rarity matter?
      • Is it a constant (+-x) or relative (+-x%) difference?
    • What other recipes exist?
      • Other Weapon to Pistol?
      • Weapon to Item?
      • Items to Seperate Item?
    • How does input class mod type affect output?
    • How do elemental types work?
    • Do the same weapons + moonstone always produce identical results?
    • What can't be grinded?
      • Reports that some red text w…

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