• Breserker352

    DLC Levels

    February 10, 2012 by Breserker352

    Ok first off I will ask/apologize first, since I am a noob to posting on the blog for mistakes I make.

    Here is the problem I am having, the General Knoxx DLC is only playing at level 55, my Breserker is a 69. So, as you can see it would be anti climatic to continue playing it. I just went up against MotorHead, needless to say I did it without even getting jumpy since he was only a 54/55 level boss. Is this normal? shouldn't they rise up to my level? When I play missions in the main game characters are my level or at most a 70.

    If this is not normal how can I reset the General Knoxx DLC so the bad guys are my level. It is no fun cause most of the loot I get is 48 to 55.

    I am not having the same problem on the TarTarus Station DLC. Gettin…

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