• Bukkithead


    Crouch - 13:49

    Defoe - 65:18

    • To brutally murder all instances of horrific grammar and spelling. Yes, I will comply with your filthy American dialect. Bad formatting and other derps should also be annihilated.
    • To continue the struggle against unsigned posts and tilde neglect.
    • To ensure every new user is given a goodie bag full of happy things.
    • To dig up as much dirt on Dr. F as possible. You'd be surprised what I know.


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  • Bukkithead

    Sig test.

    March 12, 2011 by Bukkithead
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  • Bukkithead

    I have finished (with Dr. Clayton Forrester and Nagamarky's help) compiling a list of Legendary weapon prefixes, which can be found with the link below:

    Legendary prefixes list

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