• CBX

    Axton build turret madness

    February 10, 2013 by CBX

    he guys i'm CBX i'm new on the wiki. i'm planning to place some builds for different characters on my blog. my first build is for axton. Axton was my first character and it's still my favorite now that i play as the siren so i can test the lv 50 build.

    This build focusses on making your turret awesome but we also add some damage boost to axton himself.

    guerilla tree

    sentry(5/5) makes your turret last longer awesome with this kind of build

    laser sight(5/5) your turret is already accurate but once you will be harassed by rakks or surveyors and you cant hit them. With laser sight your turret can.

    willing(5/5) I like to have my shield up while i'm fighting. when my shield is down I now that i'm gonna die if i don't fall back. This skill makes it ea…

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