A passing glance at any of CJ's healthpacks from CJ's Healthpack Shoppe will immediately alert even the most discriminating self-repairer of the quality that CJ's Healthpack Shoppe instills in all of CJ's healthpacks. From the brushed eridium casings to the cold-forged Dahl hinges, every detail screams "this is the healthpack that will save your life," from the moment a pair of eyes is laid upon it.

The bandages are prepared from 5000 thread count Fyrestone Cotton, and thereafter soaked in a solution of purified crabworm blood. All sutures are derived from the finest wereskag hair and processed under our revolutionary (and patented) weaving system. Each CJ's healthpack kit also contains a syringe pre-filled with 50ccs of Dr. Ned's own regenerative formula.

Whether you are or know someone who is an adventurer, treasure hunter, bandit, or zombie, CJ's healthpacks form CJ's Healthpack Shoppe are the right choice for you and your loved ones this Pandoran Holiday moon cycle.

All products are made to order, no guarantees.

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