This is more of a business ethics question than anythign else. Does Gearbox have an obligation to keep us posted about future content?

On one hand, as far as game expansion goes, I would say there is no definite obligation to keep customers clued into to progress. It would be nice, however, seeing as they've said there will be more content, to let us know how the new DLC is coming along, if at all.

What I'm more concerned about is patching known bugs and fixing gameplay issues, especially online. There are big problems with online play: The stock and scorpio guns, the invincible shields, the inabilty to know for sure if the gun you're about to trade for is modded or not (unless you know your stuff or check it here first), the removal of loyalty mods from your inventory when reloading your game- These are serious gameplay problems that are in my opinion overdue in being adressed.

It seems Gearbox, like most software publishers, is prone to releasing patches along with new gameplay content, and not as an interim fix beforehand. But I think there are enough issues presently that it warrants at least a bandaid, or at least a sign of good faith that help is on the way. I think as paying customers and product supporters, we deserve to know what the supplier intends to do about fixing their malfunctioning product (which we've already paid for), but not necessarily when they intend to release new game content because it isn't something we've already bought.

Anyone else with me on that?

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