• CosmicStrike

    +2 Rare Find

    May 27, 2011 by CosmicStrike

    there has been a lot of talk about if this really works or not, well the other day I started a game with a level 69 Siren that happened to have the Catalyst Class Mod equiped when the game started up with the +2 Rare Find, when i went to check a shop just for the hell of it there were three orange title text weapons for sale, even a Pearl Cyclops a weapon you don't see to often. I was surprised and something i suspected might be confermed because of that, that the +2 Rare Find does work but it's like the Vengence Gun where you have to have equiped when you quit and save before you start game, this was for the games host on an Xbox with three other players who also started the game, with me, not sure what class mods they had equiped at the …

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  • CosmicStrike

    1750 Achievement

    October 10, 2010 by CosmicStrike

    I finally made it to the 1750 Achievement score on Borderlands

    it took hours to find all those items with Pizza being the rarest to get.

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  • CosmicStrike

    I have been checking out Weapons configurations on the Borderlands GearCalc site

    first i try the autonaming to show me a legit title then later i test other titles and prefixes to see what they will do to the weapon.

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  • CosmicStrike

    My Best of List

    July 14, 2010 by CosmicStrike

    Just thought I would make of list of some of my favorite items in the game (Originally I made this list to nominate stuff to vote for what is the overall best)

    my nominations (choose 3):

    Best Pistols: Vladof Vengeance, Atlas Troll, Dahl Hornet (The Dove)

    Best Revolvers: Maliwan Pestilent Defiler, Atlas Chimera, Atlas Aries

    Best Rocket Launchers: Maliwan Rhino, Hyperion Nidhogg, Torque Leviathan (the only legit grenade launcher)

    Combat Rifles: S&S Serpens, Vladof The Choppers, S&S Glorious Massacre/Machine-Gun (aka the Draco)

    Best Shotguns: Maliwan Pestilent Crux (aka Plague), S&S Fatal Crux, Sledge's Shotgun

    Best Sniper Rifles: Hyperion Invader, Dahl Penetrator, S&S Orion

    Best SMGs: Maliwan Combustion Hellfire, Maliwan Tsunami, Gearbox Double Anar…

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  • CosmicStrike
    a photo of a Rose Omega i took and the uploaded photo is not showing up WTF? Read more >