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My Best of List

Just thought I would make of list of some of my favorite items in the game (Originally I made this list to nominate stuff to vote for what is the overall best)

my nominations (choose 3):

Best Pistols: Vladof Vengeance, Atlas Troll, Dahl Hornet (The Dove)

Best Revolvers: Maliwan Pestilent Defiler, Atlas Chimera, Atlas Aries

Best Rocket Launchers: Maliwan Rhino, Hyperion Nidhogg, Torque Leviathan (the only legit grenade launcher)

Combat Rifles: S&S Serpens, Vladof The Choppers, S&S Glorious Massacre/Machine-Gun (aka the Draco)

Best Shotguns: Maliwan Pestilent Crux (aka Plague), S&S Fatal Crux, Sledge's Shotgun

Best Sniper Rifles: Hyperion Invader, Dahl Penetrator, S&S Orion

Best SMGs: Maliwan Combustion Hellfire, Maliwan Tsunami, Gearbox Double Anarchy

Best Eridian Weapons: Mercurial Blaster, Thunder Storm, Firebomb/Stampeding Spatter Gun

Best Class Mods (choose 4): Siren Mercenary, Soldier Support Gunner, Berserker Titan, Hunter Sniper

Best Grenade Mods: Bouncing Betty, MIRV, Proximity Mine

Best Shields (choose 4): Hardened Ironclad, Alacritous Rose, Pangolin Impenetrable Fortified, Torque Impenetrable Macho

2 favorite elemental effects: Explosive, Corrosive

3 favorite overall Manufacturers: Pangolin, Gearbox, Maliwan

What your Nominations for the Best of:

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