• CzrsiNk

    First post - be gentle.

    Was farming Crawmerax earlier today when something bizarre happened. Arrived at top of lift and noticed a new landmark at Craw's spawn point. I tried to capture it on FRAPS and epicly failed by pressing F11 istead of F9 to capture the video. Basically, there was a rectangular bunker on the ground where Craw spawns. He was confined to said bunker, so I could practically go up to him and touch him. Anyway, as he couldn't move out of this bunker, I was able to put him to the sword with relative ease - only problem was the loot landed on the roof of the bunker, which was just slightly too high for a rocket jump.

    I haven't retried to re-create the playthrough to see if it happens again, and as soon as I left to the Sunken …

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