First post - be gentle.

Was farming Crawmerax earlier today when something bizarre happened. Arrived at top of lift and noticed a new landmark at Craw's spawn point. I tried to capture it on FRAPS and epicly failed by pressing F11 istead of F9 to capture the video. Basically, there was a rectangular bunker on the ground where Craw spawns. He was confined to said bunker, so I could practically go up to him and touch him. Anyway, as he couldn't move out of this bunker, I was able to put him to the sword with relative ease - only problem was the loot landed on the roof of the bunker, which was just slightly too high for a rocket jump.

I haven't retried to re-create the playthrough to see if it happens again, and as soon as I left to the Sunken Sea (or is it Deep Fathoms) the bunker was gone. Has anyone else experienced this glitch?

If anyone wants to try, here's what I did...started at Eridian Promontory, went to The Vault, came back, went to The Descent, realised there was nowhere to go. Opened console and went to Oasis, moving to fast travel 4 (mapslot 4) and then choosing Craw's lair. Obviously this required a few hacks which are freely available. However, I'm sure the hacks had nothing to do with the random spawning of Craw's new house. Just another reason for enjoying this game so much.

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