• D4n13L

    Reset mission??

    March 9, 2010 by D4n13L

    Hi guys,

    I just happened tu try the armory bug, where u can enter the armory below the door that opens and fall throw that space into the armory skiping the "countdown started" ( there are 3 topics in the mission, 1st - countdown started, 2nd - steal loot and 3rd - BOOM! ) and so having every time you want to pick all the items in the armory but i tricked 1 of the 3 missions topics that was "steel the loot" and that makes that special "door" to close, and i cant go the either to finish the misson or to steal more loot =(

    I was hoping that someone knows anyway to reset the mission so i can complete it...

    Thanks for the help guys =)

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