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November 15, 2009
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  • I am male
  • DLanyon

    test blog article

    December 18, 2009 by DLanyon

    this is a test blog article... in order to see why 'edit this page' is providing me with a blank body section.

    now that I am donte wrtiting this I will save the page and try to edit it.

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  • DLanyon

    I am starting a list of pictures needed to help improve the wiki. If anyone has the time and inclination please screenshot and upload, then post here when you have.

    Picture requests

    • Zombie TK Baha
    • 4 wereskag
      • Whiskey Wesley
      • Redjack
      • Father O'Callahan aka Jackie O'Callahan
      • Bigfoot
    • Franken Bill
    • Undead Dr. Ned
    • Hank Reiss as a wereskag

      • Zombie
      • Defiler
      • Suicide Zombie
      • Loot Goon
      • Torso
      • Psycho Zombie
      • Midget Zombie
      • Lance Zombie
      • Corpse Eater
      • Tankenstein
      • Skelerakk
      • wereskag

    • Jakobs Cove
    • Lumber Yard
    • Hallow's End
    • Dead Haven
    • Generally Hospital
    • The Mill

    • All loot containers
      • Chests
      • Containers
      • Vending Machine - Weapon, ammo, Jakobs

    • Grenade mod Item Cards - pictures of the cards of the LOWEST Level possible
      • Contact
      • Rubberized
      • MIRV
      • Bouncing Betty
      • Transfusion
      • Sticky
      • Longbow
      • Rain
      • Proximity Mine

    • Rocket
    • Scorpio
    • Ga…

    Read more >

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