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  • DaGamingFailure

    Here is a level 72 Build for Krieg utilizing the Mania and Hellborn trees dominantly. This is a very fun build to play with alone or with friends (that get left behind in the ashes that you create). This build is focused on dealing MASSIVE melee damage and DOT to huge mobs of enemies. Here is the build; if you would like to copy it go right on ahead. For those who aren't too sure about this build just wait. And, well, read on.

    Mania Skill Tree

    1. Empty the Rage- Melee damage. nothing more to be said

    2. Feed the Meat- 2.5 seconds of no shield. Why would I want that? Health. Oh and read number 3.

    3. Embrace the Pain- I don't care for the fire rate at all. The 5 seconds without a shield is what i wanted. (Hint use Flame of the Firehawk)

    Note: Do n…

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