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    Krieg Ideas

    May 10, 2013 by DamianDavis

    This page is a collection of ideas on how to make best use of Krieg the Psycho.

    If you have an idea not featured here, why not comment on this blog post?

    • Captain Blade's Rapier, and other bladed weapons, in tandem with Krieg's many melee boosts.
    • Captain Blade's Orphan Maker may trigger "when taking damage" skills via its .
    • Captain Blade's Manly Man Shield adds explosive damage to melee attacks.
    • Love Thumper could be a better option, depending on play style (want of shielding, use of Hellborn skills, etc).
    • HellFire for use with Hellborn skills.
    • Flame of the Firehawk for use with Hellborn skills.

    Under consideration.

    • The Rough Rider Bonus melee damage is always on.
    • Love Thumper Keeps the bonus melee damage activated longer.

    • Captain Blade's Midnight S…

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  • DamianDavis

    I just noticed in a recent edit to the Twister that we have a markup tag {{dash}}. It translates into entity 8211, the n-dash, for which we already have internet-wide encoding for, – (or – if you prefer). This is some really incredible redundancy.

    Now I'm a developer, I understand the need for technical delineation between all the hyphen-like characters. But having an extra alias just for this seems silly to me. Does it do something else I'm not aware of? Why do we have this markup tag?

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  • DamianDavis

    Shields in Borderlands 2 are composed of five parts (body, battery, capacitor, accessory, material) and two additional properties (manufacturer, level). With a few predictable exceptions, the body, battery, and capacitor are interchangeable. Each shield manufacturer makes at least one of each of these three parts; some manufacturers make more, particularly Maliwan, which makes duplicate capacitors for Shock, Burn, and Corrosive resistances. Not every part is permissible in all situations, but manufacturers may use parts other than their own.

    The remainder of this page is data on each manufacturer's part effects. Each derived statistic (capacity, recharge rate, recharge delay, and any special effects) are matched to a shield type with no uni…

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  • DamianDavis


    November 19, 2012 by DamianDavis

    A single sortable list of unique and legendary weapons found in Borderlands 2. I constantly find myself going from page to page, looking for not any gun in particular, just one that fits some criteria; and this will make my life easier.

    Weapons Table
    Name Rank Type Manufacturer Element Multiples Obtained From
    Evil Smasher Unique Combat Rifle Torgue Explosive No Quest The Chosen One
    Hail Unique Combat Rifle Vladof Varies (Not Explosive) No Quest Bandit Slaughter: Round 5
    Rapier Unique Combat Rifle Vladof Varies (Any) No Quest Message In A Bottle (Hayter's Folly)
    Scorpio Unique Combat Rifle Dahl Varies (Any) No Quest Bearer of Bad News
    Stinkpot Unique Combat Rifle Jakobs Corrosive No Drop No-Beard
    Stomper Unique Combat Rifle Jakobs None No…

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