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  • DarkHunter66

    Weapon Style 1: Maliwan Volcano (Act as Pistol)

    Whitting's Elephant Gun (Act as Shotgun)

    Rider or any Sniper with a fire rate of 3 or more (Act as Machine gun)

    Any sniper with a scope over 2.0x and accuracy over 96.0 (Acts as sniper)

    Weapon Style 2: S&S Sniper (I can't remember the actual name right now, but it has good zoom, accuracy and high fire rate)

    A Terrible Matador

    Dahl Steel Anarchy

    Any sort of Masher pistol

    Shield: Any shield with high capacity and decent recharge rate

    Class Mods: Survivor Class Mod (+12 healing or over) (For fast health)

    Sniper Class Mod (+10 Sniper ammo regen or over) (To constantly use your sniper)

    Ranger Class Mod (With +3 or +4 Bird of Prey) (So your bird can kill more enemies and get more health for you)

    Grenade Mod: D…

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