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    There are suggestions for things that people want to see in Borderlands all over the forums. While most of those things sound like a lot of fun, I'd rather see Gearbox make these things:

    First off, I've had numerous occasions where I join a game, where some idiot pisses me off. While I can live with that, I don't really want to meet them again. My first proposal therefore is a method for blacklisting players. A game with a blacklisted player will not appear in your server-list. Additionally, servers with people that blacklisted you won't be displayed either.

    Secondly, when the host of a game disconnects, your game should save all progress before quitting. Not only would that fix the problem of duping, it would make online gaming a better exp…

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  • Desertfighter777

    He's gonna headbutt ya!

    Level 5: Get Phasewalk. This is Bonk! Atomic Punch. When using Bonk!, you gain a few seconds of invincibility. The drawback of Bonk! is a lowered speed after it wears off, something I didn't implement. Also, you'll be invisible as well, whereas Bonk! only turns you invincible.

    Level 6-10: Put 5 points in Quicksilver. Scout's main trait is speed, so we'll speed up his rate of fire.

    Level 11-12: Next up, 2 points in Resilience. I'd rather not give scout high resistance, but we need some points in the Elementalist Tree in order to access Intuition.

    Level 13-14: 2 points in Spark, for the same reason as above.

    Level 15: 1 point in Radiance, and we're there.

    Level 16-20: 5 points to Intuition. The scout is Team Fortress's fastest cl…

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  • Desertfighter777

    Part 4. A pretty straight-forward implementation. I may revise this when the Engineer has gotten an update and received more weapons.

    Level 5: Get Scorpio Turret. This is obviously the sentry, but later on will also become a dispenser.

    Level 6-10: Most of your skills will focus on improving your turret. The first step towards that is increased damage. 5 points to Sentry.

    Level 11-13: Next up, we're gonna improve your use of weapons slightly with 3 points to Impact.

    Level 14-15: More weapon efficiency, and also the last step towards it: 2 points in Metal Storm.

    Level 16-20: A pretty big drawback of the turret is its long cooldown-period. Therfore, using 5 points in Refire can reduce that time greatly. This somehow represents picking up weapons from …

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  • Desertfighter777


    Level 5: Get Phasewalk. This represents the cloaking device the spy has. While cloaked, the spy has a limited time of complete invisibility. Differences are that you get increased speed and can use an attack to get out of the cloak, whereas the spy retains normal speed and can't attack until he is completely uncloaked (which takes about a second). Also you can deal damage by cloaking or uncloaking.

    Level 6-10: Another type of watch the spy uses is called the Dead Ringer. He loses the ability to cloak at will and gets reduced damage while cloaked and a fake body appearing in your place when shot. Since your already invincible while cloaked, it has not much use. However, with 5 points in Silent Resolve, you can get the damage reducti…

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  • Desertfighter777

    The Soldier class.

    Level 5: Get Berserk.

    Level 6-8: First off, the Soldier has lots of health, however, not as much as the Heavy. Let's begin with giving you some survivability in the form of 3 points to Hardened.

    Level 9-13: By now, you'll probably have found yourself a rocketlauncher. Adding 5 points to Endowed should help your efficiency with it.

    Level 14-18: The Soldier has a tool called the buff banner. When he does damage, the banner fills. When it's full, he gets a damage boost. 5 points in Revenge, and you'll have your very own buff banner.

    Level 19-23: Another useful piece of equipment of the soldier are his gunboats. When rocket-jumping, he damages himself less. 5 points to Cast Iron simulate your gunboats. Advise: don't try to rocket-jum…

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