I have played and completed all of the BL DLC's and of all of them I think that ClapTrap was the best, not because of it's gameplay and shit like that but because of the qwerky characters and the funny shit that happens or that you see or here throughout playing in.

Granted that it doesn't have alot of replay value and that anyone would probably take Knoxx over any of the DLC's anyday especially Moxxi because that one really sucked (one of the worst DLC's of BL) but anyway I still think that ClapTrap is the funniest of all the DLC's.

For Example:

The Funniest thing that I had heard in Knoxx was at the start where Knoxx says "this planet smells like hemeroids rapped in bacon.

I didn't really here anything funny in Moxxi, infact all I remember from Moxxi was spending Hours upon Hours trying to complete the higher challenges without using modded weapons.

Then theres Zombie Island that was almost as funny as claptrap with the way Ned/Zed was always going on about how he was only tyring to help and how he reffered to Dr. Zed as a relative when it's pretty damn obvious that it really is Dr.Zed lol.

But in ClapTrap all the time we hear CL4P-TP yelling over the megaphones funny lines like how if you get seriously injured in battle you can just get a tune up and be better, oh wait no you can't because your not a robot.

And that is why I think that ClapTrap is not the best but the funniest DLC of Borderlands.

Donkeyspit 03:31, February 10, 2011 (UTC)

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