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June 23, 2010
  • Doomy von Gasmask

    I'm sending this from the swampiest crap swamp of a place I've ever been-- Jakobs Cove. JD, my meat shie- Heavy Gunner friend, thought it would be a profitable place to go, having heard something was going on there to do with the Jakobs corporation, who in his words tend to hand out money to people with guns. Hungering for an opponent that doesn't have an abdomen, he and I set off.

    Not ten feet in, we were beset by the undead, but after the initial shock of this we realized we had filled them with lead and fire before they managed to get within twenty yards, and we got cocky. Now I don't know where we are, I saw some giant Skag with a weird hat on, and EXPLODING ZOMBIES. Personally I can't wait to get out of the swamp-- JD says we're getti…

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  • Doomy von Gasmask

    Today I took Old Haven and its inhabitants in the Crimson Lance mercenaries head-on. Not a great deal to say despite the level of action-- though I found a way onto the rooftops near the entrance to the city, having hung to the left and climbed up a rock and across a red tarp, jumped on top of a pillar and over some barbed wire. It's easy to spot if you look up and to the left, though it wasn't easy to get up there the first time.

    The Crimson Lance fell prey to my new Corrosive Bouncing Betties rather easily from my rooftop position, though they seemed to realize it was a losing battle and tried to even the odds with some annoyances that could shoot me from the other side of the battlefield...

    Picking through the weapons like a carrion bird…

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  • Doomy von Gasmask

    Today I ventured from Trash Coast with the promise of a challenging opponent, a king of bandits residing in Tetanus Warren. Plus, it would be a chance to get away from all the Spiderants.

    So I mount up in Fuego and head out. Along the way I crash into an annoyingly oversized Spiderant, and the car explodes. Luckily I manage to kill it before it kills me, but I have to hoof it the rest of the way. When I finally get there, the first creatures I encounter are MORE Spiderants. So much for my little vacation. Either way, I fight my way through the Spiderants, and next I run into Bandits. Loads of heavily armed Bandits who don't like me.

    Of course, I slaughter them with emphatic glee! However, when I find their King... He doesn't exactly measure…

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  • Doomy von Gasmask

    Doomy here. Lately I've been combating many Spiderants, particularly Queen Tarantella and King Aracobb in a constant endeavor to totally overpower every enemy with my beloved Anarchy. I named her Vivian, and after each battle I make sure that I have plenty of ammo in reserve for the next firefight. Vivian would be most displeased if I ever loaded a partial clip.

    The Rakk Hive seems to have stopped trying in our repeated fights, as it's going down faster and attacking less. Maybe it's my imagination. Even so, Trash Coast is full of many annoyances and few challenges these days, aside from the previously-mentioned King, who always seems to provide fresh ways to cut straight through my 1439 Shield rating when I see fit to engage him on equal g…

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