I'm sending this from the swampiest crap swamp of a place I've ever been-- Jakobs Cove. JD, my meat shie- Heavy Gunner friend, thought it would be a profitable place to go, having heard something was going on there to do with the Jakobs corporation, who in his words tend to hand out money to people with guns. Hungering for an opponent that doesn't have an abdomen, he and I set off.

Not ten feet in, we were beset by the undead, but after the initial shock of this we realized we had filled them with lead and fire before they managed to get within twenty yards, and we got cocky. Now I don't know where we are, I saw some giant Skag with a weird hat on, and EXPLODING ZOMBIES. Personally I can't wait to get out of the swamp-- JD says we're getting on a boat, something about Old Haven. Seeing some Lance idiots isn't first on my agenda, but at least they won't be detonating in my face.

Finding a moment of peace during the boat ride, I realize Vivian is covered in zombie gore. Unpleasant, but I don't have time to properly clean her right now, so a wipe down will have to do.

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