Today I ventured from Trash Coast with the promise of a challenging opponent, a king of bandits residing in Tetanus Warren. Plus, it would be a chance to get away from all the Spiderants.

So I mount up in Fuego and head out. Along the way I crash into an annoyingly oversized Spiderant, and the car explodes. Luckily I manage to kill it before it kills me, but I have to hoof it the rest of the way. When I finally get there, the first creatures I encounter are MORE Spiderants. So much for my little vacation. Either way, I fight my way through the Spiderants, and next I run into Bandits. Loads of heavily armed Bandits who don't like me.

Of course, I slaughter them with emphatic glee! However, when I find their King... He doesn't exactly measure up. Any little idiot who attempts to take me on with a little axe is just going to get a little face full of little bullets, even if he is carrying a weird little ring that makes it rain little bolts of light all of two feet around him.


I head back to Trash Coast, finding myself quickly bored of the dead.

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