Today I took Old Haven and its inhabitants in the Crimson Lance mercenaries head-on. Not a great deal to say despite the level of action-- though I found a way onto the rooftops near the entrance to the city, having hung to the left and climbed up a rock and across a red tarp, jumped on top of a pillar and over some barbed wire. It's easy to spot if you look up and to the left, though it wasn't easy to get up there the first time.

The Crimson Lance fell prey to my new Corrosive Bouncing Betties rather easily from my rooftop position, though they seemed to realize it was a losing battle and tried to even the odds with some annoyances that could shoot me from the other side of the battlefield...

Picking through the weapons like a carrion bird, I found nothing that seemed more useful than what I was already wielding at them. Figures.

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