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November 3, 2009
  • I live in a stellar body known as Asteroid F
  • My occupation is Tyrant
  • I am All Rights Reserved
  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    One assumes that all is as peaceful as can be expected in a rule by committee organization? As the resident tie breaker and self appointed tyrant of the wiki I remind everyone that complaints regarding users are reportable to myself and active sysops. Complaints regarding sysops may be addressed to me. Complaints regarding policies (to which you are all bound I might add) may be addressed to me. Complaints concerning myself or complaints regarding the sysops that users feel i have not handled must be taken to Wikia Central for resolution.

    Also a reminder that while trolling and use of adult/offensive language is allowed on any non-article page; threats to an(y) identifiable person or property and pattern tyrannizing (what is called "bul…

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  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    Surprise! what do you think about wikia central's reskin of the wiki and yes it is only temporary? would you like to see wikia make more arrangements with game developers and publishers for promotions in this or a similar fashion?

    what do you like or dislike about the temporary changes made by wikia central, affectionally known as "staff"?

    might have come as a shock to you all but i was reluctant to announce this w/o it already being a done deal (see User_blog:Dr._Clayton_Forrestor/GBX_dev(s)_&_The_Evil_Dr._F), so please excuse the jump cut.

    thank you to all who have played the Tales from the Borderlands Quiz!

    Internal page = Tales_from_the_Borderlands_Quiz

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  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    Happy Holidays!

    December 20, 2014 by Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    From me and my support team: Seamus, Dagny, Cookie, and to some extent Grady; I would like to extend my warmest well wishes to you and yours this holiday season. And if you don't celebrate anything this season I hope you have a nice two-ish weeks!


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  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    Ask the Crat

    October 16, 2014 by Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    this blog to be used for discussion of the recruitment of new administrators. please review this wiki's policies however comma anyone may ask anything on this blog. i will only delete vandalism which I think does not serve the discussion (or isnt in the least amusing).

    Who do _you_ recommend for this/these posting(s)?
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  • Dr. Clayton Forrestor

    i have been asked to reflect upon or write a retrospective of Borderlands and the current generation of consoles. as some of you know i havent owned a console since the SNES. that said the following is to be filled by the community for what you believe borderlands brought to, played well with, and took away from the current generation of console gaming. you may of course, also, express concerns for the coming soon generation of consoles.

    if there is enough of a response to this i will submit it for consideration to be included in staff's Horizons project.

    tyvm. Njoy!

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