what is haiku 2.0?

rules are as follows:

  1. 7 3 7 (syllables or no)
  2. one line has to include a cliche or meme
  3. must be aggressive, abusive and/or insulting
  4. emoticons, shorthand and /x are equivalent to one syllable or one no


we want seven words asshole. got that schmuck. no more & no less, done deal.

why is folks so dumb, i mean? what the fuck? cant we all just get along?

2nd opinion

  • don't think you've got enough time
    • I don't poems
  • Or grammar. Why u undo me, fag? )From our very own nohara laddies & germs. Give him a hand!(

example re: blands

moxxi's got nice curves n'est–ce pas? for a MILF? if you know what ahm sayin.

2nd opinion

  • you just get your murder on
    • slash facepalm
  • Hemorhoids wrapped in bacon

)Also from the lovely and talented NOhara24 High-five! No one?(

Your Turn

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