Proposition Borderlands 2 #2

as it stands, trivia sections require links to the reference indicated. the first publication or recording or filming trumps subsequent covers, rewrites and retcons.

any disputation of any article's content is intended to be carried out on the talk page. this so rarely happens im sure it comes as a shock to most of you. so, what we have here is, failure . . to communicate. revert wars, as one user says, just are. it has been suggested that trivia be moved to the talk page thus to prevent slimy build up of money . . wait, no. thats marcus' line, to prevent bloat from obscuring article content. i further suggest a link to a running dialog (forum) on each page. it has also been suggested that all trivia be vetted by the community before being added to an article.

the major block to this movement that jumps out at me like the neighbor's cat is the knee-jerk compulsion to immediately add anything which comes to mind not already prominently evident in an article experienced by users upon seeing any of these articles published here. this, i submit to you, also just is.

much as i would like to ban the lot of you and lock all pages (forums included), a community of one is significantly under the lower limit of what wikia is looking for as a viewer base. so, unless this blog or other blogs/forums linked here gets major input, policy will remain as written.

now get off my lawn.


01:30, August 8, 2012 (UTC)
There will be no change in policy or page format.

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