is it time to wait for the all inclusive gold/diamond/goty edition? with the release of dlc4 and subsequent announcement of more dlc coupled with the content void diamond plate box i have lost my interest in incrementally purchasing this game. the (soon forgotten) laments of gbx devs that "new levels will break the game" have been replaced w/ hype for level 72 upgrade (assumed $5). so i cannot rely on gbx for info. the excitement of season pass went kinda smooth after the short playtime of the dlcs. once i gave them my money they seemed content to farm out the actual (DownLoadable) Content.

alas, i can wait. i waited for the summer steam sale to buy (any) cosmetic packs. i think i can wait for gbx to "top it off."

what do you think of continued release of dlc and (paid) level patch(es?)? had enough or more of the same please and thank you?

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