The Evil Dr. F was going to place this in a talk page but was deterred by the recollection of angry villagers w/ torches ablaze and farming implements aloft.

husband 1 = prison guard. possibly= ignacious delano (lucky) zaford) face it how many young men (of scooter's intellectual stripe) dont end up killing their fathers, with malice aforethought or by (un)fortunate misadventure? moved to dahl headlands after riot in cellblock m instigated a rethinking of career path.

husband 2 = david a. (mr. shank) smails. common enough in the corrections community for a guard's x to hook-up w/marry a con. broken because she got him sent back to the penn, also common enough in the jail set. (note no one said he didnt walk into prison w/o the noggin shiv in place.)

husband 3 marcus arkadivich kincaid 'the irish scourge of the ukraine' good w/ #s. financier of The Underdome as detailed in articles of the divorce settlement.

note - both husbands not on amicable terms w/ maxine hortense 'moxxi' rubio are inhumed during the game. only marcus retains his invincibility.

you may add any observances, comments, and/or obeisance below.

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I worked hard all lunch hour on this.

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