Borderlands 2 Golden Keys

This glitch will get you an unlimited amount of golden keys even if you already used your gold keys.

Okay, so to put an end to rumors. As of last night 10/8/2012 the golden key glitch IS STILL WORKING for that PS3 at least. If you haven't already, please check out the video.

Borderlands 2 GLITCH Unlimited Golden Keys ( PS3 & XBOX)02:43

Borderlands 2 GLITCH Unlimited Golden Keys ( PS3 & XBOX)


->2 Controllers ->Another character that has reached Sanctuary

1. Load/create a game with your LOWER LEVEL CHARACTER (the one you got to Sanctuary)

2. On your second controller, start a split screen game and load you HIGHER LEVEL CHARACTER (the one you want guns/loot for)

3. Open the chest with your HIGHER LEVEL CHAR then leave the game with that same character.

4. Loot the chest with your low level (player1 controller)

5. BEFORE LOADING YOUR HIGHER LEVEL CHARACTER AGAIN with the player2 controller, attempt to load in with the same character that player1 is using. You'll get a message "Character already in use" or something like that. just hit "OK".

6. Now load up your higher level character on player2 controller again.

7. Repeat steps 3 - 6.

These are the steps we used and continue to use to repeatedly get phat lewts from the Golden Key Chest. As I said it still works and will drop purple shields, class mods, and guns that are the level of the character opening the chest. It is unclear if having more people in the game effect the quality of what drops, but what is sure, you can do this repeatedly and sell what you don't want and get RICH.


if you find some items that are particularly good and you want to share with your friends, watch this video.

Borderlands 2 GLITCH Best Weapons & INFINITE MONEY01:24

Borderlands 2 GLITCH Best Weapons & INFINITE MONEY

*this also works with money*

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