• Eto562

    Jakobs Vending Machine

    October 25, 2011 by Eto562

    Recently I purchased the Zombie Island DLC, and found, much to my dismay, that the Jakobs Vending Machine does not work. I know the reaction of most of you reading this will be, "Gee, you just found out? Everyone and their mother knows it doesn't work."

    That's great. But the amount of people that know about the glitch is probably several times the amount of people that have actually tried to do something about it. Normally I wouldn't even care. But one of the reasons I bought the DLC was because I had heard about Jakobs Vending Machines, and, what do you know, this feature is centrally advertised in Xbox LIVE's Marketplace, despite the fact that Gearbox has publicly acknowledged the feature is non-functional.

    If this isn't false advertising,…

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