Recently I purchased the Zombie Island DLC, and found, much to my dismay, that the Jakobs Vending Machine does not work. I know the reaction of most of you reading this will be, "Gee, you just found out? Everyone and their mother knows it doesn't work."

That's great. But the amount of people that know about the glitch is probably several times the amount of people that have actually tried to do something about it. Normally I wouldn't even care. But one of the reasons I bought the DLC was because I had heard about Jakobs Vending Machines, and, what do you know, this feature is centrally advertised in Xbox LIVE's Marketplace, despite the fact that Gearbox has publicly acknowledged the feature is non-functional.

If this isn't false advertising, I don't know what is. I wrote to Xbox LIVE customer support, who obviously did not even bother to read my e-mail because I specifically said the problem was a bug that the developer had yet to fix, and the (probably automated) reply I received gave me step-by-step instructions on how to re-install the DLC on my Xbox. Microsoft either does not know the scope of the problem or refuses to acknowledge the scope of the problem; but I feel if enough of the Borderlands community writes to Xbox LIVE (or PSN for some of you) customer support regarding this problem, maybe something will get done. Who knows, they might even make Gearbox release a patch, God forbid.

Personally I asked for 800 Microsoft Points. I probably won't get them by myself, but if enough people do the same, or ask for refunds, something might actually happen. I think when confronted with such small demands, especially considering that the charge being laid against them is something as significant as false advertising, Microsoft will have to relent.

So please write. At least ask them to change the Zombie Island description so others don't get duped out of ten dollars. <<< link to Zombie Island Xbox LIVE Marketplace description - note that the Jakobs Vending Machine is centrally advertised <<< official Gearbox thread for known issues, including the Jakobs Vending Machine

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