Hey fellas.

Yesterday, I got and installed all the DLC from the Borderlands GOTY edition disc. I'm a level 59 Hunter, a bloodgod. The problem is, I need new weapons. I also need to level up fast. So I need some exp farming ideas, and some weapon farming ideas. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY WEAPON FARMING PLACES? Keep in mind I have the most up to date patch. I could farm in New Haven, but since I have the patch, my chances of good weapons are signifigantly decreased. Since I haven't played through all the DLC, I only know of one enemy to exp farm, Scagzilla. I farmed him form 56 to 59 yesterday, but it will just take too long to farm him to 69. I could farm Crawmerax, but from what I know, it seems he will be very hard to kill, seeing as I am only a level 59 Hunter and I have crappy weapons. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY EXPERIENCE FARMING PLACES OR BOSSES?

Remember your suggestions can include any and all of the DLC expansions.

Thanks in advance...

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