• Gearboxfunnn
    anyone know good berserker strategies for Crawmerax???

    i dont have the dlc but once i get it ill have to know how to kill him berserker style. any suggestions/strategies?

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  • Gearboxfunnn

    I don't have the DLC3 yet. I was hoping if someone could find lvl 50 or lower weapons if they can dupe them for me (from the new DLC). If that doesn't work then I'm just asking if you could dupe some legendary/pearlescent (or glitched white) weapons for me. In return i will dupe some (if you want any) too. My GT is: papatony003. Also, if you have any modded weapons that work after patch 1.3, i'll gladly take those too. and, i'm grounded so don't expect me to go on till like, the week of 3/16 or later. thanks a bunch!

    some weapons i dont have:

    most of the assault rifles, the chimera, most of the repeaters, the hydra, all rocket launchers (besides the rhino), the automatic sniper

    i'm looking for chimera and rockets mostly. well yeah all the stu…

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