• Genowhirl

    I wanted the Nihilism head. Who doesn't? It's cool-looking, right?

    But getting a thousand kills with Deception takes a while. The gunzerker and the commando can kill multiple enemies per use of their skills, Zero out one enemy at a time. So the best way is to hit level 31, and max out the Bloodshed tree, right?


    What I ended up doing is using grenades on varkids to get five or so kills a use of Deception. And mopping up the survivors or extras with whatever weapon I was working on the skin for.

    Check it out:

    • Use Mirv grenades, for preference. The child grenades increase the radius and also go off a second or so later. This is nice because one of the varkid attacks is to move away for a second and their use their leaping attack. So if they…
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