I wanted the Nihilism head. Who doesn't? It's cool-looking, right?

But getting a thousand kills with Deception takes a while. The gunzerker and the commando can kill multiple enemies per use of their skills, Zero out one enemy at a time. So the best way is to hit level 31, and max out the Bloodshed tree, right?


What I ended up doing is using grenades on varkids to get five or so kills a use of Deception. And mopping up the survivors or extras with whatever weapon I was working on the skin for.

Check it out:

  • Use Mirv grenades, for preference. The child grenades increase the radius and also go off a second or so later. This is nice because one of the varkid attacks is to move away for a second and their use their leaping attack. So if they run away from the initial explosion, the child explosions will get him. I suppose singularities would also work for this.
  • Grenades drop more often than you'd think. If you get five or six grenade capacity, that should last you a trip around Tunda Express (Caustic Caverns is plausible, just Tundra Express is smaller and easier to make the trip around), as long as you knock over all the piles on the way.
  • I did this at level 23, so, you know, not having to wait until near the end of the game to do the bulk of the thousand kills.

Anyways. Maybe this'll be useful to someone. It's just how I did it. Took me a few hours once I really got started, but I didn't have much else to do that afternoon. --Genowhirl (talk) 18:39, October 8, 2012 (UTC)

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