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    January 23, 2012 by Ghillie DReaMZz

    Hey everyone,

    I have finished every single quest for the DLC General Knoxx's Secret Armoury, except for 1 mission called: It's Like Christmas.

    Before i could properly accept this mission, i played with a guy that already had this mission in his mission log and therefore, gave that mission to me.

    The mission before getting this one, allowed you to go to the secret armoury once more and try to loot as much stuff as you could, etc, etc.

    But, i already had the next mission, It's Like Christmas, active or semi-active in my mission log and when i finished the looting mission before It's Like Christmas, it ticked off the box saying: Stolen Loot, in the, It's Like Christmas Mission Summary.

    When i went back to finally do the last mission, It's Like Chr…

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