• GnarlyToaster

    look see here it is


    August Burns Red

    yeah. That's it.

    Discovered that Dream Theater have songs that aren't the ones on Rock Band.

    I got Minecraft. I use my girlfriend's account so it's quite embarassing to log in near people.

    Got Reach finally.

    Got Super Meat Boy

    Saw Tron: Legacy. Holy shit go see that.

    So yeah. My life is about the same. I haven't played Borderlands in the longest time. I don't really have any friends to play with, and I'm too attached to my Hunter to make a new char. so :(

    but anyway, I miss this place. I wish that BDL2 could atleast be confirmed so there's something new to do here (no offence intended.)

    I mean, I'm not exactly a senior person here. I haven't 100% one save file yet, and there are some people flyi…

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  • GnarlyToaster


    September 29, 2010 by GnarlyToaster

    Ok guys


    I am not getting this thing. Imma save my money for Super Meat Boy.

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  • GnarlyToaster

    JCEHunter had suggestions for BL2 for actual in-game.


    337 songs. Ranging from Iwrestledabearonce to Queen to Meshuggah to Metallica to BEATLES. N.B I may miss some. It's a long playlist.

    I'll just give you the jist.

    Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold.

    City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold

    Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold.

    Diamonds in the Rough - Avenged Sevenfold.

    BYOB, Question, Chop Suey and Toxicity - SOAD

    Tom Sawyer, YYZ - Rush

    Megadeth stuff.

    Even Flow/Alive - Pearl Jam

    Best of Both Worlds - VAN HALEN. Not Miley. Wtf I know you were thinking that.

    The Fall of Ideals - All That Remains

    Overcome - All That Remains

    WAHNTHAC, Nocturnal, all of Deflorate - The Black Dahlia Murder

    Tenacious D.

    Some Disturbed.

    Another One Bites the Dust/Bohem…

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  • GnarlyToaster

    Level 61.




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  • GnarlyToaster


    July 29, 2010 by GnarlyToaster

    This will be written as me. Not as a character.

    I just completed Secret Armory.

    Therefore, My girlfriend(LetTheRaineFall) dared me to take on Craw.

    I did so because I thought it would be fun.


    Esentially, this set is a Pistol Challenge. I have the g'slinger mod which regens ammo and those are the only things I'm gonna use.

    Level 58:

    1: I fall off a cliff. Not from a maggot. Gravity.

    2: Maggot'd

    3: Maggot'd

    4: (Still good attitude) KILLED A MAGGOT then Craw'd. This Aries UberOrb gave me is damn useful.

    5: (Give up. Look for video on Glitch spot.) Fall off my attempted glitch spot.

    6: (Video still buffering) pwned by Craw Worm

    7: BUM RUSH. That went even worse than the others.

    8: (VIDEO BUFFERED. I know wha…

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