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I have created a blog post

look see here it is


August Burns Red

yeah. That's it.

Discovered that Dream Theater have songs that aren't the ones on Rock Band.

I got Minecraft. I use my girlfriend's account so it's quite embarassing to log in near people.

Got Reach finally.

Got Super Meat Boy

Saw Tron: Legacy. Holy shit go see that.

So yeah. My life is about the same. I haven't played Borderlands in the longest time. I don't really have any friends to play with, and I'm too attached to my Hunter to make a new char. so :(

but anyway, I miss this place. I wish that BDL2 could atleast be confirmed so there's something new to do here (no offence intended.)

I mean, I'm not exactly a senior person here. I haven't 100% one save file yet, and there are some people flying around with every weapon found legit. makes me slightly sad but ya know, I just need to play more I guess.

Also, Minecraft oh my god I've never been so addicted to a game since BDL.

Atleast BDL actually has graphics

and a story

and speech

and gameplay



/rant. I love you all really.

  GnarlyToaster -Talk-   01:36, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

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