• GryphusR

    Right now the wiki has one article for each elemental type of area of effect grenades: Tesla Grenade (Shock) / Cloud Grenade (Corrosive) and Burst Fire.

    The three should be merged into a single article called "Area of Effect" or Area of Effect (Grenade). AoE grenades are the only exception where each element has its own page (for example there isn't a page for fire MIRV and other for corrosive MIRV -explanation of this below in the blog update-) EDIT: please see Fire Burst Grenade _fry and even if the effect of Tesla is slightly different to cloud and fire burst that can be covered on a single article.

    The game makes no difference between them for counting toward the AoE Grenade challenge and the Payload (which determines grenade type) is the sa…

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