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  • Gunslinga

    Mordecai = Done

    March 22, 2010 by Gunslinga

    This weekend, I finished everything with Mordecai. Proficiencies are done, and I have all the guns I want for him. Therefore, I started a new character. I wanted a game that was completely different from playing it with Mordecai, so I started it with Brick.

    i had a very difficult decision to make. i could either make it on my profile, and get more acheivements for Borderlands, or I could make it on another so a friend could use it when they came over. I decided to make it under a profile.

    Brick is a lot different from Mordecai. No strategy. At all. Whatsoever. I esentiallt just ran around with a shotgun, shooting and punching everything that moved. However, being new at this, I am not very good at it and found myself dying more than I should…

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  • Gunslinga

    Weekend again... yes!

    March 19, 2010 by Gunslinga

    So its finally the weekend again, and that means more time to play Borderlands! I got a chance to play a little on Wednesday, which is rare as I'm usually way to busy during the week. I worked on getting my rocket launcher proficiency up. I would weaken the Rakk Hive with my double anarchy and then let the launcher get the final hit in. I've already decided to up my Eridian proficiencies against enemies in the lost cave... I'm really tired of the repetitiveness if going up against the Rakk hive. At least there's different types of Eridians to use, and the Lost Cave has plenty of different enemy types....

    Oh. And lets not forget about the chests. Plenty of farming oppertunity here. I also want to get my fill of New Haven farming before I do…

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  • Gunslinga

    With all missions in both playthroughs finally done, I decided I should max my weapon proficiencies (and maybe get some sweet new guns) before turning to the challenge list. I still haven't gotten the DLCs yet, so these semi-interesting tasks should hold me over.

    I used this pattern of attack- start in New Haven, and check the chests for anything good. Then, New-U over to the descent. Because I have 5 points in trespass, killing guardians is a trivail task, plus they give me anywhere from 5,000 to 17,000 experience, leveling up my guns very fast. I would wipe out all the lance and guardians in The Descent, check all the chests, and then move on to the Eridian Promontory and do the same thing. Then restart the game, and restart the cycle.


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  • Gunslinga

    My Xbox red-ringed a while ago. I got a new one back, but I had to start with a new game of Brderlands! Rough, eh? But I'm not too mad. I'm already at level 50, and although I'm not as far as I was at my other game, I had a chance to pick up valuables I passed up on in my first game, ass well as get max backpack SDU's. So in a way, it was a good thing.

    Gunslinga 23:12, March 11, 2010 (UTC)Gunslinga

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